LPM Review on CD, by MP3, etc.

Take a look at this way to listen to law practice management information via media such as a CD, MP3 file, etc. Podcast anyone? This guy did: see for yourself. Now he’s turned his legal insight into millions in cash and prizes! You can to by following these simple steps:
(1) Podcast
(2) Make a million
(3) Repeat
NOTE: Are you podcasting yet? For heaven’s sake, why haven’t you started!? Hurry up, it’s the latest thing … oh, sorry you waited too long. It was hip for that split second, but now it’s passee like wearing skinny ties or doing the Safety Dance. Oh well, maybe next year you’ll learn to … oh, who are we kidding? Just give it up now and join the Law and Laxatives Committee. Ask our bar liaison, Eric Delgado, for details.

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