Re: Recommendations for Server Network

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Recommendations for Server Network

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From: Mhedayat1


While Tim’s comments are right on, let’s be clear: do you intend to become Mr. Server? Being a lawyer is just too boring for you? I didn’t think so. In that case you will more than likely stay somewhat removed from this process in order to maintain your sanity.

So here is the mantra you need to commit to memory: server, UPS, backup, switch, hub. These are the basic elements (you may opt for the hub and no switch — that’s ok). The rest or your equipment will consist of wires and overpriced gizmos installed by the AT&T-SBC Internet Ramrod Division (Like-it-or-lump it Department or whatever they’re called now). Anyway, the hardware you can get custom-made, semi-custom (Dell), or off the shelf. I think I already know which way you may go on that. As for the service, AT&T-SBC is the mothership, but they absolutely pummel you on the contract and price. Trust me — I still can’t sit down without wincing. You can probably get better prices, more flexibility, and better treatment elsewhere. Personally I like the idea of telephone and Internet service together (Vonage, others). Hope this was helpful. Why not keep the group updated on your exerpience as you look for, identify, install, and work with the new system. It would be cool. Don’t you think, everyone?

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