Re: Recommendations for Server Network

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Recommendations for Server Network

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From: Bluegil4

Justin R. Gaffney:
I have not forgotten.  Been busy interviewing Resellers that can not only support this issue but have some back-ground success with Law firms implementing Server based network solutions.
This afternoon I visited a Law firm client from one such Reseller.  They are more than happy with the service.  Have a couple details to work out with the Reseller when it comes Service Agreements vs “Contracts”, “Bar Association Discount”,
additional services and capabilities.
But the first task that needs to be addressed is a complete inventory of said systems you currently have, the problems and what solutions can be offered.  BEFORE anything is purchased.   Plugging another box in, addressing IPs does not make a server.  Windows 98 is NOT a Network Solution.
The additional items in question:  back-up, remote access, etc..  would be considered window dressing, important but a solid foundation (network) helps identify a path in selecting the correct solution.  I’m meeting with the Reseller again tonight making sure they are bondable……confidentiality is key here…. 
SIDE NOTE:  I talked him into using his CC# and buy a number of Law related Domain Names for web sites.  With the understanding he can resell the names “Discounted” to members providing they host their site with him.  $14.95 a month.  Arranged an agreement with a Canadian firm to re-distribute pre-laid templets.  That way you can build your own.    Finalizing details over drinks, last bar tab scared him alittle. 
John Feeney
Ez Duplication

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