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From: Bluegil4
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One vehicle of information vs thousands with personal pages.
OPINION: what more of a common thread does one need in addressing this (Legal) vertical market. The highlight of one’s effort within this sector is being published. Having the creditials of a vehicle respected by its peers.
With the advent of blogs “approval” by your peers is irrelavent. Opposing opinions to any argument now has no safe guards. Anyone can be heard, even if you don’t agree with the stance taken. Mr Kennedy leans to apply one source may be better than others, his of course. Which he is intitled too believe, unless this is the premise to an underlining campaign.
The failure I see in all of this is the inability to take and address these issues “Outside” the closed doors of the Legal community. To market your ideas or business practice with out reaching new subscribers is narrow thinking. Lawyers selling to Lawyers. We all can see that path has no future and bears the current reflection to the state of most firms today. Where are your new customers coming from? Referrals are great but if that is your only vehicle your forecasts of business growth has to be tanted.
Web sites have the problem of being Institutional. Straight forward, bland cut and paste nothing Pro-Active. Granted I agree most clients don’t consider contacting you until after the &^() hits the fan and generally like most businesses you will get the flood of shoppers looking for price vs any quality work. Believe me, we both have that in common. But a blog is no different than an electronic Newsletter. Less the effort of printing and mailing to your customer list. This is the vehicle you should be using too express your character and professional support new clients seek. The added advantage is instant feedback. Pro-Active action grabs the attention of forward thinking clients, trust me they are the best ones too have.
Legal sector with relation too blogs is really no different than most vertical sectors of professionals they tend to “stay within themselfs”. When one takes advantage of the true beauty of this and reachs outside too the market place, than one can evaluate the results properly. Acknowledgment from your peers or new paying customers? I can only speak for myself in this, CASH has more value than your Opinion of me.
John Feeney


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