As if it needs to be spelled out like this

For the last time, when they give you the money you’ve won. As this article points out, US law firms are exceedingly, embarassingly, successful and hence they have ‘won’ in the only way that matters. So why pay attention to (or spend money! on!) technology that may benefit your clients when said clients not only let you get away with less efficiency but in fact demand it? After all, in the short run it’s cheaper not to innovate and if you can’t pass on the cost of innovation and won’t get rewarded for risking it, why bother?  Moreover, why change when there is simply no competitive pressure on you at all. No matter how poorly you manage things, you will always get more work. See what I mean by going here.

Ed. Note: Have I mentioned that I’m from Detroit? Did I ever tell you about how the big 3 US auto makers swore that they would be on top of the world for all time? I actually saw that outlook play out year by year and community by community. Or you could just rent that awful film Roger and Me and I suppose you’d get the idea. Either way is good.

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