looking for sponsors

dear LPM members:

your humble blogmaster is asking for your support. by sponsoring me at the New New Internet Web 2.0 Conference in Virginia your firm will make history and take the LPM commitee, as well as the entire DCBA, where it has never been before.

we will be part of the national movement into the next generation Internet as well as being on the cutting edge of legal scholarship and technology. in short, your contribution will help show how our committee, our bar association, and our county, shines.

and i promise to return with loads of insight, cutting edge information, fodder for many, many, blog posts, and connections that will cement the position of the DCBA as the hippest, the best informed, the most wired, and the web-friendliest bar association in Illinois, if not the country.
what’s the catch you say? now that you ask, we need to act fast because the event is coming up and filling up as we speak.
so to recap: if your firm wants to be part of this historic event, wants to meet the future and master the next generation of legal competition, and be featured in my blog posts following the conference, then contact me directly at mmhedayat1@gmail.com and let’s make magic!

and as always, thank you for your support.

m. hedayat

3 responses to “looking for sponsors

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