our saga continues … will he make it to the conference?

my request for sponsors to help me get to the New New Internet conference appears to have struck a sympathetic chord.  conference chair Jeremy Geelan had some kind words for the effort, which you can read below in his comment to my original post. below is my reply to him:

thank you for helping spread the word about my crusade to make the New New Internet conference in Virginia.  given a little more time and some resources we could even have documented the process and made a web 2.0 version of Detroit Rock City [about the quest to make a Kiss concert in the Motor City]. 

but since today is sunday the 17th and the convention kicks off in 2 days i guess the writing is on the wall.

the real point of this post and your recent ping is that your conference has helped build enthusiasm in this practicing lawyer (not your typical market) to the point that i am now inclined to spread the word to our bar, judges, and other unlikely candidates. that would really be something. to see.    thanks again. hope to see you this week (?).

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