another successful presentation: lpm + civil law

circuit court of dupage county     on september 21 the law practice management and civil law committees held a joint meeting sponsored by van ausdale + farrar, a dictation firm with a long history of service to the legal profession. the 30+ attendees learned more about winscribe, the application for lawyers who want to be productive even when they’re on the move.

winscribe     speakers greg moheban and heather shneck gave a terrific introduction about winscribe to the group, which included distinguished judges such as kenneth popejoy. you can also see a full digital workflow presentation here in case you missed this one. we look forward to having van ausdale come back to provide us with still more information, and invite all our readers to contact greg or heather for an evaluation and consultation by e-mailing them at
thanks to all who made it. to those that couldn’t … there’s always next time.

NOTE: with our first meeting of the season behind us, lpm is already looking at ways to retool in order to meet the needs of our members. let your voice be heard by contacting me in confidence with your feedback at and of course will respond to each message personally.

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