review of quickbooks 2007: better, faster, stronger

quickbooks 2007  your humble blogmaster recently checked out quickbooks 2007.  most of you use quickbooks, which has become the de facto standard in the small business market.  the product is easy to use and packed with powerful features.  i am as cautious as anyone when it comes to software companies that slap useless gew gaws on a product so they can sell it as an upgrade, but this may be different:  intuit has shown forward thinking by integrating Google features such as adwords, a map, and product listings.  the user can also search financial information using Google’s desktop search feature (which is great).

now personally i use the browser based or “asp” version of quickbooks although it lacks certain features found in the desktop version.  there are 2 reasons for this:

1) i want to be able to access by firm’s financials from anywhere;

2) my office manager refuses to migrate from quicken (loyalty being a virtue of course).

quickbooks 2007 integrates with a host of business-enhancement and business-building features that i would be very jazzed about if i used the desktop version.  so if you fall into that category i would say take a look and comment for us on the product.  is it as good as it looks?

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