the seo project: day 10 – so that’s why it’s called ‘hosting’

i approached the company that manages my firm site, justia, and asked who actually hosts it (physically — with servers and everything).
justia lawyer marketing

the good people at justia informed me that my site is hosted by GoDaddy — a service used by many professionals. Inturn GoDaddy most likely gives justia and other website companies discounted rates or a package deal. this means that companies like jusita, findlaw,, etc. could pay even less than the already low charges common at GoDaddy (you can get a heck of a package for about $20/month). i would need to review the account to be sure.


after asking some questions i determined that until i move my site to a separate account with GoDaddy i will not be able to make changes on the fly and will effectively be at the mercy of justia if i want something changed.

DISCLAIMER: justia does not leave me entirely helpless. i can make certain changes, and good ones at that: uploads, downloads, links to outside sites, etc. but the list of what i can’t do is far longer than the list of what i can, and if i want to do more then i must pay more per month. another good example of how those in the know hold sway over those who aren’t. in other words, what you don’t know may not hurt you but it will definitely cost you.

if you find yourself in this position (e.g. time left on a contract with a hosting service, etc.) you still have leverage. let your website company know what you know — that they are the middleman buying wholesale and selling retail. you can do that as well, right? et voila: leverage. remember, after the initial investment their profit margin is 100% for as long as you pay. and that’s a pretty good margin.

SECOND DISCLAIMER: before you even think about cutting the cord you will need software to make changes to your site. there are a number of free packages available from which to choose. more on these later.

One response to “the seo project: day 10 – so that’s why it’s called ‘hosting’

  1. These are great points for decission. Justia provides you temples in guiding you through a basic set-up. You input “TEXT” or links standard.

    But when something comes along that needs inplanting code (html. java script, etc) you need direct access too the host in updating your site. Again Justia can do this on a limited basis, first come first first, level of importance, etc…but if making changes outside the basic tasks is necessary, you need a direct uplink to your host.

    Too most, having a simple site with contact information is all that is required. Justia adds the benefit of getting quality traffic too your site, THROUGH THEM. Thats right through their pages which are posted in engines, directories, listings. And if your lucky enough to be listed in the proper catagory, pay enough to listed near the top of said page, you should get results.

    What needs to be mentioned here is you can have both. $20 GoDaddy account allows you the freedom to make changes add or delete anything you want, your in control. Justia can now be treated as a directory, linking your site (for a fee) to the proper areas. But now you accomplish two objections:

    a) with your own traffic tools on your site, you can monitor the amount of said traffic is actually delivered.
    b) you can individually submit your site to the same engines, directories and listings but as YOU. Double exposer.

    Put any keyword for your profession in an engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN) and just review the first page. You will see ansortment of entries for both sources. You need too determine whether you want the entire web coming to your site or be happy with what is funneled thru your choosen service. But what you should consider…..

    How do I get my site listed right below Justia’s page in the engine.

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