knew it, i knew it, i knew it, i knew it

 powerfeed   from the i told you so department comes powerfeed, legal news aggregator (as opposed to those that aggregate general news).  ostensibly this site allows users to review, rate, and comment on posts from blogs written on, the blog community that created it. and it does that. but it also does some of the other things i’ve wanted to see done in the legal field for some time: things that just plain make sense, to wit:  digg   digg-style rating mechanism so readers can vote on the posts they like (although i have not noticed yet whether powerfeed also ramps top-rated posts or feeds to the top of their list — though i see that top authors are featured on the front page of the site — an innovation i’ve thought of myself which is good to see it in action).

ajax to allow users to choose from a variety of functions on-the-fly. nice touch. very nice.  ajaxclean, minimalist interface like a blog, or a true news aggregator rather than a cluttered website that wants to be a reader but can’t make up it’s mind. this environment is actually distraction free to the point of being a little dull.  but what the heck — it’s a small price to pay for the fulfillment of some cool law 2.0 aspirations.

of course i have some other ideas for them but they probably want to think about it before getting back to me. i’ll just keep making notes until then.

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