illinois lawsuit abuse initiative

illinois law suit abuse initiative click here to see the “faces of lawsuit abuse”

here’s your thought for the day.  the so-called institute for legal reform has launched a viral e-mail and video campaign (itself an innovative move) to combat what it refers to as “lawsuit abuse.”  while i am not sure just at what point a lawsuit becomes abusive, the fact is that the “reform” being recommended in the video is to pass additional legislation to reduce the number of lawsuits.  does anyone else see the irony?

one wonders if the leaders of the institute for legal reform understand that this problem is rooted not just in the way laws are written but in the attitudes of judges who enforce them.  don’t we have enough plaintiff’s advocates on the bench?  courts and government  agencies at all levels are home to legions of well-meaning ex-lawyers who achieve their daily feel-good moment interceding on behalf of a plaintiff regardless of the merit of the claim.  should it bother them if they contribute to an anti-business climate by making it possible for anyone to sue anyone for anything here in illinois? anyway, that’s the premise of the spot. see if you agree.
but who am i to say, right?

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