LinkedIn Becomes the Yellow Pages

readers of this blog know that i like LinkedIn — it’s MySpace for grown ups. if you haven’t received an invitaiton to join my LinkedIn network e-mail then just let me know and i’ll send one. it’s worth it.


well, this article in mashable! proposes that in the future LinkedIn will allow you find everything from a financial consultant to a law cutting service based on recommendations from people you trust (definitely a better way to do it, right?).

the prediction is well meaning and founded on real facts, but remember: anything that requires people to participate en masse to make it work seems like a dicey proposition.  just in case though, you may want to dust off some client recommendations and get a LinkedIn profile.  up to you.

LikedIn service recommendation feature

One response to “LinkedIn Becomes the Yellow Pages

  1. this could have been a separate post but inste4ad i chose to comment on my own post. robert scoble, late of microsoft and made famous by his scobelizer blog, hates linkedin and tell us why in his post found at:

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