and now dennis kennedy brings you …


dennis kennedy + show me the money = litigation 2.0

apparently dennis kennedy has had an epiphany centered around something he refers to as litigation 2.0 but does not explain (but which appears as a header 6 times in his post). in his own words …

I told the audience at my presentation on electronic discovery trends last June at the Legal Tech West Coast conference that on the morning of my presentation I had a bit of an epiphany about where electronic discovery was going as it moved toward its next evolutionary stage.  I sketched out a few notes that morning on where I saw it going. Then I had a near “Jerry Maguire” moment and, until my better judgment prevailed, nearly scrapped my prepared presentation and rewrote something new called “Electronic Discovery 2.0.” [more]

so it looks like litigation 2.0 has something to do with electronic discovery but i can’t be sure because dennis hasn’t decided yet. by all means let us know when you figure it out.


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