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management association of illinois The Management Association of Illinois

The Blogging Debate by Lisa Callaway, JD, SPHR, Vice President/General CounselLAST MONTH WE wrote about the growing popularity of blogging and some of the issues such activity causes in the workplace. This month, we focus our attention on actions employers may take to curb blogging activity. [more]

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  1. A prime example of what opportunties are available with todays technology. When looking to expand your current client base or services to exsisting clients, pay attention to their needs. Policies with regards too email and now blogging have opened a lot of new doors which put these companies at risk for litigation.

    Ethics, first comes to mind. The concept most bloggers are free-wheeling complain artists has merit. On the other side, most company bloggers are advertisment hounds. Someone needs to step in as the referee.

    Document Archive polices are now part of the compliance picture. Policies following the guidlines set by government agencies have yet too be tested but that is just a matter of time. After the fact is going to pay heavy.

    Policies that reflect blogging is NOT a company function is just irresponsible. Companies need to be taught guidlines and proper usage before all out ban. We are repeating the same path when “surfing” the internet was a distracting element employees had to be reframed from. 1 year later, it is now part of most people’s job function. Blogging is the same.

    Granted control is the companies responsibility. By taking simple steps too encourage “proper” usage the benefits a company and/or employee can receive far out-weight any negitive fall-out. Tools without control and education are dangerous.

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