can blogs actually impact the practice?

carolyn elefant of despite being a tad insider-ish (can the author help it if she is commenting on a comment made by one blogger commenting on another blogger? — also, did i use the words blogger and comment enough in that disclaimer?), this post by attorney carolyn elefant makes an interesting point about blogs and their effect on the law. as she put it in this pretend interview:

carolyn: blogs have absolutely revolutionized the practice of law.

: really? tell me more author of, “inspiring solo and small firm lawyers.”

: blogs open up huge archives of information by academics and legal experts who were never previously available (certainly not for free) and in so doing are rapidly levelizing the playing field between large- and small-firm practitioners. Professors and academics often underestimate the value of information to those of us who are regular attorneys.

: last question. is “levelizing” a real word?

thanks to ms. elefant for being a good sport. also, the posts on myshingle are quite interesting and should be right up your alley if you’re interested in practice management. i encourage you to check out the website.

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