hidden markets


as if in response to this disparaging post about linkedin by robert scoble on his bloghiddenMarket is here. now i’m pretty jazzed about what this site might be/could be/ought to be.  in the words of its creators (quotes in italics) the site aims to be the world’s first social business intelligence network rather than another social network connecting you to millions of people you’ll never be able to leverage.  instead they say the goal of the site is to coax out the hidden knowledge that we all have about our environments, our jobs, etc.
i would be interested in any experience the readers of this blog have had with this site, so please join and give me your thoughts by replying to this post or e-mailing me at mmhedayat1@gmail.com

in my humble opinion, if any site can help us to draw out, organize, or share the vast stores of hidden knowledge all around us then that site should be praised and used.  because let’s face it: most of what people have ever known has been unwritten, unrecorded, uncaptured, and unused.  nowhere is that more true than in law. as Justice Holmes observed, the life of the law is not logic but experience.  so we in turn desparately need to do a better job of sharing our experiences and making the nuances of practice more tangible, more sharable, and more usable. there, i said it.

One response to “hidden markets

  1. Hi there. I appreciate your kind words!

    From the content of your post, it would appear that you (and Scoble) are some of the few that actually “get” what we’re trying to do. There are some fundamental flaws with professional social networks as they exist today and we’re hoping to address them.

    We’ve had a few hiccups during this open beta launch, but we’re working through them. Of course, our job right now is to improve our messaging, so that we can educate more people as to what we’re trying to accomplish. We want/need more people to “get” what we’re doing.

    Again, thanks for the kind words, and if you have any suggestions, feedback,
    or other comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


    B. Scott Burkett
    CEO, HiddenMarket Group, Inc.
    W: http://www.hiddenmarket.net

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