livedocuments: web-enabling ms office

live documents

this online service builds group-savvy version controls and other features designed for interaction right into Microsoft Office products like Word and Excel. the interface is neat and tucked unobtrusively into the document, but it has a rich set of features you can use to interact securely about documents (which version is the one, how many revisions into the document are we, etc.). it’s like a virtual deal room built into your documents.


2 responses to “livedocuments: web-enabling ms office

  1. And of course you use this in “YOUR” practice. Which helps you do…?
    Is “Live” a mis-leading word, is this document management or document deployment?

    But since the .gif file you provide is just that a “Picture”, not having a link. What possible reason would someone explore this???

    On-Line Service, does that mean I’m sharing the document information, “OUTSIDE” my network, with a 3rd Party, that I must believe, their truth in professing the security of the service?

  2. sorry everyone: the url for livedocuments is:

    as for bluegill’s specific questions — check out the product then you tell me.

    m. hedayat

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