legally wired


by: Craig Bayer of Law Office Technology, Baton Rouge, LA

Everywhere I look these days lawyers are walking around smartphones such as the RIM BlackberrySony Treo, or Motorola Q.   Seems the very thought of keeping contacts, to do lists, calendars, e-mail, and a web browser on a phone appeals to even the most techno-phobic lawyers.  You don’t even need to be that smart to usea smartphone: though it will make you look pretty clever.  Try it the next time you’re in court; when asked about your availability just look down at your phone and answer — confidentyour calendar has been syncronized with the office and vice verse.  Or maybe pull out your hardware next time you see a client who asks you to send a document.  Using your smartphone to create a to-do on the spot, or even find and e-mail the document right there. Nice.

editor’s note:  i have used a number of smartphones and like the technology for keeping on top of my practice while out of the office.  in an era of ultra-mobility, smartphones help us feel ‘in control’ even when we can’t physically mind the store.

One response to “legally wired

  1. Take a moment and click thru to LOT, Craig will be attending a MS Vista Seminar and giving some detail reviews how Amicus, TimeMatters, PCLaw, HotDocs, and Worldox work with this new software. The same goes for Office 2007.

    A system Intergrator from Baton Rouge, LA, Craig has expressed interest in opening a branch here in Suburban Chicago. LPM Committee has obtained verifiable references from LOT. With his focus toward small, SOLO firms, LOT looks forward too answering any questions with regards to forementioned programs.

    As he put it, “I LOVE CHICAGO”, drop him a line…

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