first, we kill all the lawyers …

robert ambrogi

from a post by Robert Ambrogi

Lawyers, says O’Keefe, “are foolishly getting sucked into a discussion of whether lawyer blogs should be regulated as lawyer advertising.” He points to a Chicago Tribune article this week, Lawyers Face Right to Blog, as the latest example.

“The article provides a nice discussion on the ethics of blogging and possible restraints quoting lawyers from around the country, including myself. But rather than jump into such a discussion, why not just recognize that this discussion itself is nuts.” [more]

One response to “first, we kill all the lawyers …

  1. Blogging has no ethics or policies, of course . It’s not the last, it’s the first thing you need. You already cut-your-own throat with advertising rules, hence the current fight in New York or the growth in “Do it your Self”

    When a society has no honor or respect for a profession or another person. Someone trys to step forward with rules and guidlines. Then they get carried awayed with their Rightous format an generally kill anything left of center.

    Blogging within certain professions is looked upon as a someone “Outside” the castle walls telling the public. If the same source was “inside” they need permission to speak from the elders, if they (elders) even addressed they exists…..

    The more cries for marketing and gathering new customers, the more efforts are made to insure the “OLD” way is not effected. This is the only vertical business in the world that can resist change and survive. Which seems to be #1 reason for
    young attorneys too leave the profession after the first 3 years. (Robert Half).

    There is the saying: “it will be good until the lawyers get a whole of it….” Don’t disappoint us….

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