generational differences in lawyer marketing

Altman Weil

promoting products and services in today’s global marketplace is much different than it was 30 years ago. the same is true for marketing legal services.  the lawyers doing the marketing are different too, as are their clients and potential clients.

this article looks at how the changing marketplace and generational differences are intersecting to revolutionize legal marketing. [more]

ed. note: our thanks to glenda berg-sharp, executive director of the dcba

One response to “generational differences in lawyer marketing

  1. Good catch. Funny enough you replace the word Lawyer with Salesperson and everything stays the same:

    * Under 40 group more wired
    * 5 – 8 years of good work prior to promotion
    * should have an active book of clients not only for yourself
    but that others can benefit from.
    * specialized
    * rubbery chicken with strangers

    Being pro-active in getting new clients is work, no way around that. Waiting for clients to come to you is over. Competition for the same client has been raised.
    “If there talking with you, they cannot listen to someone else!”

    There are only so many hours in a day, allocating the proper time in accomplishing tasks is a never ending battle. Doing something (marketing) you have little confidence in can be added stress. Effectively using tools is the answer.

    A blog is such a tool. A speak-easy venue that allows you to not only STAY in contact with your clients but effectively reach others. The one key here is COST effective measures. Fortune is what you KEEP, not what you have.

    If you or your firm need more direct guidance on developing a blog, contact the LPM Committee. Mazy has National Attention now, if he can do it…….

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