when social networks attack!

hoover's connect

from lexisONE: Hoover’s Connect
according to analysts networking sites such as LinkedIn, Spoke, and Jigsaw aimed at professionals haven’t drawn even a fraction of the numbers found on MySpace and Facebook. apparently these social networks are not easy or useful enough to garner attention from a working crowd.

enter Hoover’s Connect which seeks to allow users to find helpful connections from their current stock of contacts. [more].

ed. note: uh, don’t all social networks “help you find helpful connections?” i admit i haven’t tried this one yet but it’s joining a growing list of business oriented sites so the field is getting a bit tight. how many social networks can professionals be a part of? answer: not many. often even 1 is too much. i’d like to hear from anyone with experience using this system. what makes it different? anything?

One response to “when social networks attack!

  1. It’s not “what” makes it different, it’s “who” makes it different.

    Networking in all shapes and forms have been around a long time. Your question should be: why is a Reference as HOOVER’s now stepping forward? Simple, membership renewals.

    Hoover’s and Thomas Register (TR) have basically been the bible on business side of providing assistance with services, points of contacts and finance of businesses.

    Doing research on a Fortune 500 through it’s web site is not going to give you the proper information needed. They (website owner) insures that. Current users of Hoover’s and TR pay a fee, current listings pay a fee the REAL Business Yellow Pages.
    They both started adding additional services with web tools to enhance the memberships value. First line of qualification FT 500’s use when seeking out a vendor for products or Services. Cannot pay $400 listing fee, how can we think you would be able to handle a multi-million dollar package.

    Everything changed 5 months ago when the basic announcement circulated: MySpace.com was sending more traffic to commerical sites than everyone, except of course Google. TRAFFIC the key blood line to any on-line business. The stage was set. Now how do we pre-qualify this traffic.

    Hoover’s and TR are really no different than the Legal vehicles you currently subscribe too: Lexis – Justia – West Law, etc., allowing the prospect to narrow his/her
    choice down to direct subject matter, location and key elements of their inquire. What sets things apart is concept: Social Networking is just that “Social”. Along the way everyone begins to evaluate the benefits of “Social”, does it really provide legitiment
    business connections? This is what Hoovers and TR bring to the table, established well know business reference.

    LinkedIn by contrast trys too wrap both into its service. The stick’en point is paying an additional fee to send inquires to belong to someone’s large network of contacts. Similar too an enterance fee. Once there, others take it upon themself to contact you. Using the host as the Reference, Billy Bob contacted us because he saw I was in Mazy’s group, if he/she is a paying member. And limits are put on the number of contacts you can make. With all the work, every inquire LinkedIn makes a dollar.

    This is what Hoover’s is after. You have already proven your willing to pay a fee. What if I add some real value to that same fee and let you contact my 40+ year old data base of Fortune 1000’s. Is this not where you want to be?

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