welcome to the big time

denise howell   New Bar Blogging Policy Emphasizes Cluefulness, Participation




Posted by Denise Howell

Attorney and Chicago area blogger Mazyar M. Hedayat has drafted and released a blogging policy for the DuPage County Bar Association, “as well as any committee, firm, or bar association thinking of establishing blogs or wikis in order to foster communication with their members or the public.” It is a concise nine points in length, and I like every one of them: [more].

ed. note: why denise, i’m blushing … but seriously, catch denise’s podcast THIS WEEK IN LAW.

One response to “welcome to the big time

  1. It is refreshing to see someone lead vs follow the flow. As Denise Howell continues to make efforts in “organizing” Legal bloggers. Your efforts from “inside” the Bar Association focus on the membership. It is ground breaking for a Local Bar to establish blogging policies, generally this is reserved for a more State Level Committee.

    Hopefully this can lead to a more wider range of participation from the members. Considering now DCBA has gained National Attention. What I hope the members really see is the opportunity to take this idea to their clients.

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