holiday kickoff (no, not the bears …)

i know it’s the week of thanksgiving and you couldn’t care less, but the past few days could not have been busier:

2006 mid-year meeting 11-16 (thu) Mid-year Meeting of Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs

it has been a year of breathtaking changes including mandatory cle, electronic filing, and the breakout popularity of blogs like this. each of these developments demands that we convince our fellow lawyers and judges that such tools are part of a new way of doing things rather than a fad. with that challenge in mind, let’s all work toward the establishment of a blog or wiki for our committee, bar association, or group. i am prepared to post something from every committee on the lpm blog to get things started.

dawl 11-17 (fri) DAWL Zoo Ball

friday night brought us this year’s zoo ball, put on by the dupage association of women lawyers (dawl) to support safe harbor childrens’ facilities, so i can hardly think of a more worthy cause. true to its name, the gala was a black-tie event held at the famous brookfield zoo (mostly at the elegant Discovery Center, but also on site at an exhibit of dessert life). wunderbar.

st. thomas moore 11-19 (sun) the Red Mass.

finally, in the spirit of unity, in a place of quiet contemplation, the st. thomas moore society brought us the red mass, a traditional event whose roots go back to a time well before america was even a glint in europe’s eye. and after the mass a lucky group was treated to a ceremony in which federal district judge joan lefkow was given the st. thomas moore award for dedication to the law in the face of unimaginably adversity. our hearts go out to her and her loved ones.

all in all, a truly worthwhile weekend and a great way to kickoff the holidays (get it?). we at the lpm look forward to hearing about your holiday events as well, so please share with us via the comment feature of this post or drop me a line at

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