SmartPhones – KILL PILL

smartphone security

by Craig Bayer – LAWOT.COM

ever watched one of those old thrillers where the spy would swallow a cyanide pill before they could be forced to reveal top secrets? turns out that smartphones can now do the same — and save our valuable information in the process.

think about it: the primary advantage of having a smartphone such as the Treo, Motorola Q, or Blackberry, is that all pertinent client information, as well as your own, can be harnessed at the touch of a button. but lose your phone (or have it stolen by an unscrupulous competitor) and that same feature set spells the end of confidentiality (and maybe your career).

One solution is to keep the phone locked at all times so you have to type in a password to get to private data (or even to get it to work). This works, but is such a pain in the neck that you may destroy your phone before it self-destructs. Not too practical.

A more practical alternative comes from the team at MotionApps which has develped MSafe — a product that works with all versions of the Treo (both Windows and Palm OS). You can setup your phone so when its disconnected from the network no confidential data can be accessed.
While your phone is connected to the network a text message sent by you to your phone will either disable it or destroy all of your client’s data. Blackberry Enterprise Server also has this ability built into it.

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