breaking up is hard to do

the Internet may yet repair the social ties effectively cut by the rush of modern life. take a moment to consider the daily tasks you perform in and around other people. do you routinely make eye contact? would you care to? if you were to engage someone (“hello, how are you?”) they would most likely ignore you or worse.

so when I received a postcard from a lawyer putting together an Internet venture I was eager to find out more and reached out to him via a simple phone call. that spawned a series of e-mails, still more calls, and before you knew it we were cooperating on a variety of websites together. we became partners and had never even met.

and as often happens in great relationships we had some killer conversations – so great in fact that I felt that they would have value just in the retelling. so with the permission of all involved I intend to present snippets from some of our best chats. stay tuned – I think you’ll find this interesting.

p.s. despite high hopes my colleage and i recently realized that the relationship wasn’t working out. so what’s an attorney-web entrepreneur to do? why conduct an e-divorce of course. but I’m happy to report that it was amicable. 🙂

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