when pigs fly (or lawyers collaborate)

carolyn elefant of myshingle.com prepred a great post here for Legal Blog Watch. the title of the piece, Do Lawyers Collaborate?, says it all and dovetails nicely with what we have been talking about on the lpm blog for some time.

so do we collaborate? would we put our collective efforts behind a project and help one other through tough times? take a few bucks less on a case to ensure that fellow attorneys make something — secure in the knowledge that they will do the same for us? of course the answer is a resounding no and there may be a number of reasons. 

law school wasteland: for openers collaboration goes against the grain of every class we ever took in law school:  hey, if the person next to you gets an “A” that’s one less “A” that the teacher could bestow (maybe on you).

mba v. law school:  when i got my mba 50% of the experience was about networking and working in teams.  i missed that course in law school.

trust no one: early on in my career i made reciprocal referral arrangements with friends and colleagues — many from my graduating class. guess what? they turned out to be one-way tickets. the more i gave, the more they took: no quid in return for my pro.

divide and conquer: to keep us from grabbing power the founding fathers went with the strategy that enabled England to take over the world: divide and conquer. we can’t be a threat if we can’t ever agree on anything and every state has its own regulatory, ethical, legal, and economic scheme that attempts to claw away at every other state’s regime.

bastard coated bastards: last but not least, let’s not ignore the possibility that we’re all just bastards. i mean, i’m not a people person anyway. what do i look like, an mba?

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