SmartPhone – useful tools

By Craig Bayer – LAWOT.COM


Ever tried to reconstruct what you did at the end of the day?  What about for an entire month?  When it comes to billing time, that’s exactly what we try to do.  On your calendar, you might have blocked off 6 hours of time for mediation, but was that actually how long it took?    


If you run a program like PCLaw TE on your smartphone you no longer have to worry about such issues.  Before the mediation starts, open up PCLaw TE and choose a matter and start the timer.  You can shut your phone off and get down to work.  When you get in your car, open up PCLaw TE and stop the timer and type in a description of what occurred.  The next time you sync with your computer, your time entry will go into PCLaw. 


benefits: Your client will get a bill for the exact amount of time you spent with a description you wrote while it was fresh in your mind.  If your billing is ever called into question, you have rock solid proof that your time entries are accurate.


I currently use PCLaw TE on my Treo 650.  PCLaw TE is available for the Blackberry, Palm OS (3.5 and higher), and Pocket PC 2002 or 2003.  More information can be found at:

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