just do it … (blogging that is)

by associate dcba member john feeney

it has been over a year since the birth of this blog, and it has come into its own with a link on the DCBA’s homepage, recent mentions by president Gaffney, posts by DCBA executive director Glenda Sharpe, and support from rock-star bloggers such as Denise Howell. high praise indeed.

and while mr. hedayat tolerates my rants, his editorial oversight is one big buzz-kill, with posts being damped down despite constant reminders that this is not an orderly legal journal like the Brief but a forum for spicy observations about the technological state of both bench and bar.

but what puzzles me is not the priorities of my editor so much as the stunning silence from fellow dcba members, coupled with their vigorous refusal to contribute.  despite the fact that blogging is a free way to show off what they know and garner attention, my fellow members show no interest in learning about the practice and are openly contemptuous of it.

the reason for this behavior may have to do with a warning from mr. hedayat that if i let loose readers might have a negative reaction.  but isn’t that like buying a new outfit and not wearing it because it might get dirty? let’s break a few eggs and make an omelet already.

yet as it turns out nobody outside of groups like this one is doing anything comparable to what we’re up to here at the little old dcba.  that’s right — we are way out front despite the fact that none of you cares.  and what’s more, most legal bloggers are not trying to raise the consciousness of the profession but rather to garner a few paying clients. this is true of even the most esteemed among us. we are still just client-grubbing bean-counters.

but then again, 70% of the dcba consists of sole practitioners who could really benefit from the free exposure of a blog. where is the stampede? the enthusiasm? once more i am confused.

recently i sat down with mr. hedayat and asked which of his on-line endeavors garnered the most respsect and attention from his peers. his answers:

i’ve gotten the most credit for the lpm blog: my bar association and i are known far and wide for our groundbreaking work.  see the blogroll to the right of this post for our honorable mention in Between Lawyers and elsewhere.

i’ve gotten the most attention for my collection of free PDF downloads. this speaks for itself. free stuff + the need to e-file = popular posts and pages on-line. learn from this, people.

SO HERE IS THE SUGGESTION: forward comments so we can post them. better yet, help us build an on-line library of free downloadable PDF forms for use by fellow dcba members and others. now why didn’t i think of that?


i am certain that what you’ve just read was not what i wrote but rather a filtered version of that piece. but i trust that mr. hedayat has left my meaning intact, and if he hasn’t then i’ll just post my thoughts on my own site at http://cdmedia-dvd.blogspot.com ofcourse you probably won’t read that either, even though digital rights management, copyrights, SOX compliance, protection of intellectual property, storage issues, e-discovery, and video downloads are among the most important topics on the horizon for your clients.  but you don’t care, right? oh, did i mention that Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Capital Records, Entertainment Arts, Microsoft, Motorola, FORD, Boeing, Hyatt and Marriott are all subscribers … ? like i said: you wouldn’t be interested.

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