as i was saying …

wiki diagram

if i’ve said it once i’ve said it 100 times: wikis are cool.

they foster collaboration and allow us to move towards a low-impact, high-yield model of online interaction. witness this wiki book by no less than stanford law school professor lawrence lessig (a giant in the online legal field). see what i mean here. also worthy of mention is socialtext, the wiki company that hosts lessig’s book and the first ones to take wikis into the enterprise and towards the mainstream (where i hope to see them more and more as time goes by).

ed. note: plus it’s fun to say wiki

2 responses to “as i was saying …

  1. Are you having fun with your Artistic Flare?
    Need to be careful someone may think your having way too much fun. What wiki’s do you use an for what purpose?

  2. in response to bluegil’s inquiry into what wikis i use on a day to day basis, here are a few to which i contribute:

    1) lpm committee wiki:
    2) my profile:
    3) my 4sale site:

    i also follow a number of wiki sites maintained by others.

    finally, over 1 1/2 years ago i suggested the use of wikis for activities as diverse as bar committees, judicial opinions, pleadings, and even a script for the next Judge’s Nite.

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