who uses technology?


it’s not a Zogby poll, but the latest statistics from TechnoLawyer give us a pretty good idea who uses technology based on who reads the publication. to my surprise, the adoption rate among small firms is greater than that among solo’s. why the surprise? maybe because the smaller the office (and 1 is pretty much the smallest), the more lawyers should be leveraging technology to keep pace with the big boys.

so how do things stack up? well …

||||||||||||||||| 28.0% small 2-9 lawyers

||||||||||||| 22.9% solo 1 lawyer

||||||||| 16.7% large 50-1,000+ lawyers

|||||||| 14.4% medium 10-49 lawyers

|||||| 10.8% not in a firm

||||| 7.2% not in legal field

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