online storage isn’t a novelty anymore

Seagate Technology’s $185 million acquisition of EVault has turned up the heat in the data backup services space.   our contacts at the storage company say they know and understand that cost is a factor when small businesses (SMBs) are forced to comply with regulations such as sarbanes oxley (SOX).  but comply we must, and  it is at about this point that our conversation turns to the issue of e-discovery. my colleagues can’t jump on that issue fast enough — you see the legal sector has long been on their list of targets. just not the way you think … see, it turns out that organizations have been planning their e-discovery strategies for months; it was the lawyers that dropped the ball.   according to one source, lawyers think they are insulated from the changes affecting their clients.  wrong assumption; and one that will cost lawyers who fail to get with the e-program.look, online video was just a “neat-o” pass-time until Google bought YouTube for a b-zillion dollars.  with a little foresight, you can be ahead of the curve on this online storage thing.  it just hit mainstream so there’s time to jump in. but you better do it fast because by this time next year it will be mandatory and you will be left holding the bag.

LPM RECOMMENDS: did you know there are companies that can affordably scan documents to .pdf or make them compatible with Concordance or Summation, then store them securely at your site or theirs, and still alow you 24/7 access to your files? contact us at and we can direct you to some of the available providers. the choice is yours, but however you do it, you’d better have a storage solution in place soon. or else.

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