2006 blawggies

from attorney dennis kennedy comes his list of best legal blogs (blawgs) of 2006:

Best Overall Law-Related Blog: The Trademark Blog
Best Overall Practice Management Blog: More Partner Income
Best Practice-Specific Blog: The Illinois Trial Lawyer Weblog
Best Legal Blog Category: Law Librarian Blogs/Canadian Law-related Blogs (Tie)
Best Legal Blog Digest: Stark County Law Library Blog/Law.com Inside Opinions (Tie)
Best Blawg About Blawgging: Real Lawyers Have Blogs
Best Legal Podcast: – Coast to Coast Podcast
Best Writing on a Legal Blog: That Lawyer Dude
Best Law Professor Blog:The Yin Blog
Best New Law-related Blog: WSJ.com Law Blog/I Heart Tech (Tie)
Best Legal Technology Blog: Dennis Kennedy.Blog

see the rest of dennis’ analysis here.

ed. note: hats off to dennis for being a credit to the profession and die-hard blogger. i don’t agree with every entry, but it’s a great start.

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