how this blog saved my sanity

ed. note: what follows is an unvarnished, unsolicited, member comment. Steve is chair of the Appellate Law Committee.


I just wanted to let you now that your blog saved me from insanity. I’ll explain: A few weeks ago I installed IE 7. But to my great frustration, I was unable to open PDFs in the IE 7 browser. I went to the link on your blog to Adobe Reader 8, and installed it. Voila! I now am able to open PDFs in my browser. So for anyone who is having this problem with IE 7 – and I am told it’s common — I suggest loading Acrobat 8. Some say that saving my sanity may not be a worthy cause, but you have my gratitude anyway.

Steven R. Merican P.C.

One response to “how this blog saved my sanity

  1. IE7 is a problem with PDFs. It’s the first phase of
    setting it as default against Adobe. Browser war has begun. Avant(which I use) new update, does not let me in to or But older versions of IE does.
    (Firewall restrictions) Though IE is dominate or should we say leads the pack, the gap is getting smaller. At one point the concern was making sure sites/blogs were IE compatible.

    The real story: Adobe 8 already had the IE7 problem fixed. The progression in the past was IE(MS)updated first, then to fix problem(s) with(other) current software, everyone had to scramble downloading updates. This is a first and shows Adobe & MS are atleast talking, MS is going after the Desktop .PDF market while Adobe turns its
    attention to the Enterprise.
    I always believed in the marketing strategy
    Burger King/McDonald’s took in the 70s/80s
    most people forgot about #3 or didn’t care.

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