and now the award for the blawg with the most awards award …

while i would soooo like to compete for the award for having given out the most legal blog awards, i have too much of that other stuff to do… what do you call it … oh yes, work. so i’m afraid you will have to make do with this little missive for the moment.

i can’t guarantee that you won’t see more of these best of posts from me in the future, but for now you can add the list of award winning legal blogs here that was reported here to the list i already talked about here that was originally assembled here.

did you get all that? good, then you can explain it to me …

One response to “and now the award for the blawg with the most awards award …

  1. When it comes to awards the first issue is
    criteria. Some how the legal world has
    decided (or should we say a SMALL group
    of friends) Dennis Kennedy is a lead spokesman
    for Legal bloggers. Why?

    The main path of each legal blog seems to
    be centered around or pointing toward the
    Lawyer. Yet, any other industry/service or
    personal blog points to “ALL” readers with
    the idea to capture more NEW readers that
    may or may not turn into paying clients.

    Blog is a Marketing Tool. Granted some are
    used as sounding boards or perchs so one
    may be heard over the crowd. Each
    Marketing Tool has a central theme attracting
    PAYING clients. Legal sector spends more
    time creating “rules” to advertising/marketing
    they end up cutting their own throat.

    The least you can do is have an active link
    page on your site. List every group/organization
    give your visitors a feeling where your at.

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