great conversations: bruce macewen

Adam Smith, Esq.- a blog

ed. note: a while ago i promised to publish my e-mail exchanges with bloggers, internet entrepreneurs, and engaging thinkers regardless of whether they were in the legal space. below find my exchange with bruce macewen; a lawyer and the author of adam smith, esq. — a blog about the business of law. in addition bruce has graciously agreed to guest post on our blog. look for that piece in the near future.


as an mba and practicing lawyer i have an aha! moment every time i read a post on your blog. note: in the interest of full disclosure let me mention that i don’t like everything about the blog. it is so stubbornly big-firm in orientation i had to stop reading for a while out of sheer frustration. give us small and solo lawyers a break already bruce. your post Web 2.0 in the Legal Blogosphere reads like a complement to the editor’s page i just wrote for the january issue of the Brief in which i posit that the legal profession was “2.0” long before the Web. you see, i’ve been the focal point of a revolt by lawyers and judges who dislike change and have made the Web their scapegoat. i have been writing about the struggle in my monthly editor’s page installments as well as the blog i maintain for the law practice management committee.

i’ve devoted many posts and articles to complaining about the antiquated and pointlessly restrictive rules governing attorneys. such rules, and the process of bar certification and state by state regulation itself, resemble a building made from the discarded parts of older buildings. yet the system continues downhill in a state of perpetual decline. amazing that it could limp along this long without acknowledging such basics as the benefit of fostering a competitive market.

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