You thought YouTube was a buzz word

Glowpoint, a leading video solutions provider, announced that another large law firm had opted to use the company’s full range of managed video services. Here then is another example of how fast our envirnoment is changing; video is no longer a far off and exotic pursuit, but an accepted part of the business. Granted most of this is better suited for larger firms with numerous, scattered offices, clients, platforms, systems, and other factors that spell a high cost, but nonetheless the fact is video on demand is as real as any competitive feature. What is inturn noteworthy about that is the fact that video technology, which has been sitting outside our collective windowsills for 2 years, is being accepted as a business practice. What a concept. But does that mean that you will be adding it to your repertoire anytime soon? To answer that question, simply listen to your clients. But don’t be surprised if you begin to get inquiries from larger corporate entities by mid-summer. No matter what, 2007 will be the first year that video changes the way we do business.

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