MS Office 2007

and now some impressions of Office 2007 by Craig Bayer of Law OT

According to Microsoft, 85% of the new feature request that they receive for Office Products are already included in the current versions. This made Microsoft realize that sometimes it was really hard to discover how to do certain things. Therefore, one of the main goals of Office 2007 was to change the entire look. Instead of the traditional menus you will use the ribbon, which is a series of tabs that when clicked, change your entire toolbar. In my opinion Office 2007 is a lot easier to get around in, but it is very different. Fortunately all the old keyboard shortcuts are the same location.

System Requirements

Operating System: XP Service Pack 2, Windows Server, or Vista
Processor: 500 MHZ
Ram: 256 (This is too low to run XP. I say 1GB)
Hard Disk: 1.5 GB
Display: 1024X768

I am running Office 2007 on my laptop that has 1 gig of ram and a Pentium M 1.80 Processor and there is no noticeable speed difference from Office 2003. I upgraded my Outlook, Excel, Access, Publisher, and PowerPoint. I did not upgrade to Word 2007, because it will not work with HotDocs 2006.


Office 2007 uses a new XML format. The last time Microsoft changed formats was in Office 97, so this is kind of a big deal. You do have the option of saving your files in previous version’s format and the new file format is supposed to make files sizes 50-75 smaller.

Files created in 2007 can still be opened in Office 2002 and 2003. If you are using one of these versions and try and open a 2007 File, Microsoft will prompt you to download a converter.

A Few Features

The new Office does feature the ability to save to a pdf, but Adobe would not let Microsoft include that feature in the product. However, Microsoft made this available as a free download. There is an Inspect Documents feature that allows you to remove metadata before sending your documents to a client. This will be a huge benefit for the legal profession.

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