mom and dad were pretty specific about not dating before college, but never said anything about the most seductive force to be unleashed in the last 30 years. you know the one i mean. cast your mind back if you will to all-nighters at the college of your choice, early morning caffein-enhanced lift-offs to research papers you had all semester to write, and similar crunch situations. was i the only one who let things slide like that? whether i was or not, the point is it was all happening in the early 80’s on an Apple IIe or Apple Macintosh.

and it was sweet. those of us who witnessed Microsoft being born out of the wreckage of companies like Digital Equipment were relieved and gratified to see a force of equal or greater weight than the Evil Empire itself flourish in the marketplace — one dedicated to smooth lines, engrossing graphics (remember, Atari’s home edition of pong was a visual marvel at the time), and most of all to a stable computing interface. hey, we thought a crash was what happened to our cars, not our computers.

flash-forward 20 years and a lifetime later, and Microsoft is now the Old Gray Lady of computing, telling businesses and professionals what to do and how to do it. well fellow Mac lovers, it’s time to come out of the closet and re-acquaint yourself with your old friends by watching this pair of videos by Apple comparing the Mac and PC head to head.

by the way, mom and dad were right about the dating thing. i wonder what else they were right about?

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