Day Light Savings Time – 03/11/07

Daylight Savings Time

We will be having our own Mini Y2K a couple of weeks to do the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which changes Day Light Savings Time to March 11, 2007. Instead of the calendar potentially being setup back 100 years, this time it will only be a measly hour, which actually could be harder to detect. Computers are automatically set to adjust their clocks in April when Day Light Savings Time normally occurs, so if you do nothing at all, your computers and calendaring programs will not adjust correctly on March 11.


Since Microsoft Vista was developed after 2005, it already has the changes built in. For the other 99.9% you that are running Windows XP SP2 or below, you will need to download a file from Microsoft to stave off any problems. The patch can be downloaded here: There can also be issues with appointments in Outlook. If you are using Outlook, check out this article from Microsoft here:


On the legal software side, Time Matters® 7.0 SR-2C, and Time Matters 8.0 SR-1B, incorporate the Microsoft DST updates so make sure you have those versions installed. I have not heard about this matter from any other vendor. If you are using a program other than outlook for calendaring and docket purposes, you should check with the software company to see if you will be effected. Some programs, like Amicus V rely on the Windows Calendar and Clock, so they should be okay as long as you download the update from Microsoft.

ED Note: Craig Bayer/Law Office Technology – serving law firms through out the Gulf Coast.

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