He can’t say it, but I can……….

Mazyar M. Hedayat is running for election – Board of Directors. Since I currently have absolutely no-idea what that entails, lets vote him in.

This is a blog – another vehicle in a long list of tools for promoting or expressing ideas and News worthy items. Getting enough people to recognize Mr Hedayat has not been a problem, obtaining a vote may be a total different matter. But seriously, you gotta like the guy. He is not afraid to push buttons, though his senior colleges are quick to set him straight, which tells me that they care.

Recent seminars on e-Filing are a prime example. There were mixed emotions from one end of the bar to another, mostly favoring the negative side (too complicated, too expensive, etc.).  Mr. Hedayat wanted to bring these issues out in the open; but the politics of finding the correct way, without committing political suicide, is his current challenge.

From a business side, Wiznet and Lexis-Nexis provide services that will dictate the filing process.  Forget the fee issue, you need to look more at the long-term. Who is actually going to control the information, the data-base of pleadings, etc. 3 – 5 years from today? Does Chicago Title ring any bells? The Clerks Office has made progress with their own version of e-filing (I2F) – FREE mind you. It needs your input – it needs a vehicle (Mazyar) too not only assist with ideas but promote it usage.

This one single issue e-Filing is what brought Mr Hedayat an myself together. He is passionate on this subject.

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