Tech Show Bound …

techshow 2007

well, it took 3 ardent pleas for sponsorship and constant lobbying for 2 years . . . but here we are. ladies and gentlemen, at long last your humble narrator is going to the ABA Legal Technology Show at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Chicago courtesy of the DuPage County Bar Association. thank you, and thank you again to Executive Directrix and Supporter of All Things Technological, Glenda Berg-Sharp.

glenda sharp Glenda — you rock.

so here is the setup:

  • my collaborator John Feeney and I have a pair of all access passes to Tech Show in downtown Chicago
  • we will attend as many programs, see as much of the floor, talk to as many people, and take as many notes, as we can
  • at the end of each day we will blog about what we did and repeat that pattern on days 2 and 3 of the show
  • we will also post as many pictures, sound files, videos, interviews, etc. as we can during the show
  • expect much more analysis and perspective afterwards

also, keep in mind that we are also looking for as many pictures, thoughts, notes, impressions, videos, sound-clips, pod-casts, etc. as we can find, from whatever source that can contribute them. if you are a reader of this blog, a lawyer, a paralegal, an IT person, office manager, salesperson, or any other kind of participant in the legal technology feeding frenzy, contact me at or contact john at to discuss allowing us to place your materials about the show, its exhibits, or programs, on this blog, thus giving you the credit you so richly deserve but have been denied for so long.

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