IL Bar Foundation — Thanks to All

IL Bar Foundation

Just a note to our readers. On Friday night I saw a number of luminaries from the DCBA and 18th Judicial Circuit, including Judges John Demling and Pat Leston, as well as our host for the evening, Attorney James Reichardt.

Despite polar conditions and a mass of blowing snow that made me swear I was on the set of Nanook of the North, the gathering at the Arrowhead Golf Course was a swell time all around with great food, open bar, and all the professional courtesy you could eat.

Thanks to our friends at the Illinois Bar Foundation for a great evening and a great deal of good will. And I hope anyone who didn’t get a chance to come out last Friday can still find time, resources, or both to contribute. And don’t worry, the Foundation has a number of other great social events coming up, including a formal gala. We’ll tell you about all those when the time comes too.

ED. NOTE: I hope to post pictures here that were taken Friday night, or get them to you via the Flickr feed at the bottom left of this page. Stay tuned.

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