drm – more than music

For the most part, Digital Rights Management (DRM) is thought of by most people in connection with copying or burning music discs for personal use, as allowed by the Fair Use Act. For example, in previous posts we brought to light Norway’s demand that Apple “make material from iTunes cross platform compatible …” to which Apple founder Steve Jobs replied that he would be glad to do so if only DRM weren’t being forced on him by those perennial bad guys, the record companies. His hands were tied, it seemed, until DRM were dropped altogether.

… so that’s the setup, and here’s the payoff …

From the “turnabout is fair play” department comes Macrovision Corporation. Macrovision, which develops DRM and software licensing technologies to combat casual piracy even while enabling control of content and software, recently posted an open letter to Mr. Jobs on their site addressing this very issue and the results are worth a look. [read more]

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