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adobe acrobat
Now that we have come to terms with the reality that e-Filing is the new standard, it is time to address ways in which we can get the most out of our expenrience by learning to create, enhance, bookmark, convert, and otherwise make the most of our relationship with the Adobe Acrobat or .PDF standard.

Adobe Acrobat User Community  besides “Ask the Expert”, there is also additional areas/blogs about Adobe.  Kurt Foss, highlights Adobe direction w/ On-Line events.  Starting the end of March and continuing through a series.

PDFzone  this source was a go-to for many working with products outside Adobe. The buyers guide was the first place any new .pdf utility made an appearance [ED. NOTE: that is, until Adobe decided that certain .pdf documents should not work with 3rd-party (non-Adobe brand) readers.  You can thank Microsoft for that — everything was fine until they put the .pdf market on their radar. The trick is understanding embedded fonts, and most do not recognize the vast array Adobe has. But that is another issues for another day…].

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