Week in Review…..

To add some simplified reasoning to your reading, like we all don’t need that, we’ve taken the liberty to review the current blog roll an highlighted some posts:

Directory of Podcast/Audio cast
Blawgs.fm – Justia

Empirical Legal Studies – Does “CSI Effect” Exist
Could use commentary from Steven R. Merican, Trialology LLC
(Evaluating Juror Opinions)

Illinois Appellatel Lawyer blog
Oral Arguments On The Decline, Except In The Second District Illinois Appellate Court

Illinois Trial Practice Weblog
Deposition Tips at Del.icio.us & Fastcase online provider of legal research ISBA members get free access.

The Invent Blog – What’s with Legalforce – ebay of patents?
[Monday’s Washington Post – The Patent and Trademark Office is starting a pilot project that will not only post patent applications on the Web and invite comments but also use a community rating system designed to push the most respected comments to the top of the file, for serious consideration by the agency’s examiners.]

LadiesLegal Business Development
Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO) – survey of women rainmakers.

The Connected Lawyer
You Send It: Sending Large files by Email

Don’t forget this Sunday we switch ahead to DST

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