new lawyers … the first in a series

this entry is the first in our new lawyers series. the idea came about after I spoke recently to a group of recent bar inductees and listened to some of their personal stories. each one of them had something interesting to say about what they had found since graduating from law school and metriculating into the real world.

we begin by following Sherri Hale, a recent graduate seeking employment. needless to say, she would be happy to hear from readers who may have, or know of, an opportunity that could mesh with her skill-set. if you think you can help, or just want to lend your support, feel free to contact her at

p.s. we intend to begin posting resumes as well in conjunction with such stories.


My name is Sherri Hale and I was admitted to the bar in November 2006. I decided to blog about job-hunting experiences in the hopes that readers may find my new encounters and discoveries interesting, instructive, and maybe a little inspiring (we all need to find work, right?). DISCLAIMER: I know my story represents just one person’s experience in the Chicagoland job-search jungle, so feel free to comment on, disagree with, or correct my points and perceptions. For example, I relocated here from North Carolina in July 2006 and may not know all there is to know about the Chicago area. Thanks for reading and contributing. -Sherri

#2- Denials – Reputation
This morning I discovered that a bad Internet reputation can adveresely affect someone’s ability to get work. Good Morning America ran a story about a Yale Law grad unable to find work because potential employers were telling her that her Internet reputation was tarnished. I guess there is a growing tendency for employers to reserach candidates online before extending job offers. In the case of the featured recent grad, an employer performed a search and decided that her background precluded her from joining their firm. It also turns out that, as I might have expected, Lawyers have found their own way to fight back: in this case by countering misinformation at I guess the next time I get turned down for a job I’ll have to ask whether it was because of my resume or my reputation/ Thanks for sharing -Sherri

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