new lawyers: sherri hale

more dispatches from recent graudates looking for work …

#3– Barriers to Entry/Over-qualification

I applied for an employee relations position with Walgreens in January. The position would have exposed me to contract negotiation, writing policy, and employee manual design. I thought the job would also be a good use of my skill set since I have degrees in both law and business. But after the first interview I received an e-mail telling me that I was “over qualified.” I had never worked in employee relations so I could not figure out exactly how I could be “over qualified” for an employee relations position. So being the lawyer I am, I asked Walgreens for 10 minutes to discuss my application by phone. It turns out that their stated (but “unofficial”) concern was that hiring someone with more to offer than their job required would lead to boredom and eventually turnover. I told the representative I was comfortable paying my dues and starting at the entry level, but she said she still could not (would not?) reconsider my application. Guess you can’t submit an $80,000/year resume for a $40,000/year job. Thanks for sharing.–Sherri

#4 – Too Much or Not Enough
It’s funny – in past job searches I felt overwhelmed by the amount of advice people offered. I didn’t think I needed advice since I already had experience finding employment. But as a new Attorney in a new city, I can’t get enough advice. One mentor told me to make a list of all the jobs I had applied to over the past 3 months. That seemed simple enough, but it had never occurred to me to keep a running list to help me understand the effort I had expended. When I made that list it turned out, to my amazement, that I had only applied for 16 jobs. Yet it felt as if I had sent out hundreds of inquiries to employers. Creating a visual, running list of my applications helped to quantify my job search efforts and encouraged me to refocus my energy into getting as many contacts as I could — not just quality but quantity. I guess you can never get enough practical advice in pursuing career goals. Thanks for sharing. — Sherri

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