new lawyers: to network or not work … that is the question

#5: Network or Not Work


I just heard Prof. Mark Wojcik, Director of Global Legal Studies at John Marshall Law School, talk about effective networking at an ABA round-table event. Addressing that sea of eager your Lawyers, Professor Wojcik emphasized the practical benefits of informational interviews and the art of “follow up.” I also picked up a new trick — instead of just thanking someone for their time following an informational interview; I should ask who else I might talk to. I did note one thing about the Professor’s presentation, however. It failed to address the emotional and moral support offered by a solid network of like-minded contacts. Since the job search is generally frustrating and confusing, reassurance from a trusted source is invaluable. I have confidence in my abilities as an Attorney but the transition from school to work is still less intimidating when new contacts share comforting thoughts in order to help me get through the dry patches. Thanks for sharing — Sherri

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