What do you mean, you don’t have e-mail?

Judge Joseph Farnan of the U.S District Court
in Delaware on March 7th gave the worlds largest
chip maker (Intel) 30 days to try to recover about
1,000 lost e-mails it was required to keep for an
antitrust lawsuit filed by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
in 2005. Most written after AMD file the suit
June 27,2005.

Eric Goodwin, CEO, Fortiva [e-mail archiving system]
points most companies still rely on individual(s) back-up
their own documents in “good faith”, e-mail archiving
is not considered a core competency.

E-mail archiving is a third-class application. Goodwin said.
It’s the CRM [customer relationship management] or ERP
[enterprise resource planning] app that is more exciting for
IT guys to work on and which are considered core to a business
that relies on SAAS [software as a service]. So companies
put their second-tier IT guys on e-mail archiving.

AMD, said Intel apparently let the e-mails be destroyed thanks
to “what appears to be a combination of gross communications
failures, an ill-conceived plan of document retention and lack
luster oversight by outside counsel”

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